23 ene. 2018

VIDEO | North Korean Pop Culture - Stuff That I Find Interesting

Another fascinating video by Jabzy, about the obscure pop culture of North Korea. TV, Cinema, Sports and more.

Antiguo edificio Chilena Consolidada - Bandera con Rosas (Santiago, Chile)

Lo pintaron, pero sacaron el logo de Machasa. Antes, y después.
Antiguo edificio Chilena Consolidada - Bandera con Rosas (Santiago, Chile)

Welly | Kia Stinger 1:34-1:39 pullback model

Found out this Kia Stinger on Welly's website. I wish Welly also did its Korean models in 1:24 and small scale. I also find very funny how the website people don't seem to know what the Stinger is called...

Trainload of Lada cars | Leningrad

A really cool vintage Soviet photograph, via ritkanlathatotortenelem.blog.hu.

Volvo Cars | Promo films

Volvo S90 design highlights.

Volvo Concept 40.

Volvo Polestar (2016).

Volvo Polestar (2015)

22 ene. 2018

Edificio Protección Mutua - Antes y después

New Welly ca. 1:60 models

Again, from Mininches, take a look at his website. It's 3 models: Porsche 959, Chevrolet Silverado 2017 and my favourite, the Jeep Renegade! It's a beauty. I really like they made a Silverado, but it looks so naked without more tampo. And in white! Why?

Csepel for Coca-Cola in Hungary

Csepel was a Hungarian truck maker. This truck was supposedly built for when Coca-Cola sales started in Hungary, in 1968. Photo via ritkanlathatotortenelem.blog.hu, which also has loads of vintage pictures of Coca-Cola trucks around the world.

Csepel era un fabricante húngaro de camiones. Se supone que el de la foto fue preparado para Coca-Cola cuando comenzaron sus ventas en Hungría, en 1968. Imagen via ritkanlathatotortenelem.blog.hu, donde también pueden ver muchas otras fotos de camiones de Coca-Cola antiguos alrededor del mundo.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible | Promo films

Some videos for the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible. On design, with Gerry McGovern.

The top in action, and below, the Evoque's body structure.

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